Attack of The Killer Bots

Growing up in the age of social media, my friends and I have been groomed to pick up the presence of bots and viruses that are scattered throughout the internet, while for us this may be a simple task but for some industries, there are really tried and true consequences for the use of bots, especially in the age of social media.

A couple of years go there was a purge done by one of the social media juggernauts (I think Instagram) of many spam and unused accounts and this caused a lot of drama in the influencer world. The drama was that many influencers from top to bottom lost tons of subscribers and tons of likes, forcing the industry to acknowledge and deal with the existence of bots. This affected the ideal popularity which drives the social media market of influencers.

This showed the true double-edged nature of bots. In terms of it being used as a useful tool, an video or sponsored post can employ bots to help boost the interaction of social media posting and “trick” the much revered and unknowable algorithm to have the post seen by a greater number of real accounts. This can be used by individual influencers to boost their reputation and gain more lucrative brand deals.

The flip side is these exact scenarios viewed with a negative outlook. The risk of bots may mean our campaign is not as successful as we would like to think and we could lose money on a digital campaign that was catering to mostly bots.